Archive eXchange Format (AXF) is an open format that supports interoperability among disparate content storage systems and ensures the content’s long-term availability no matter how storage or file system technology evolves. AXF inherently supports interoperability among existing, discrete storage systems irrespective of the operating and file systems used and also future-proofs digital storage by abstracting the underlying technology so that content remains available no matter how these technologies evolve. 

At the most basic level, AXF is an IT-centric file container that can encapsulate any number and any type of files in a fully self-contained and self-describing package. The encapsulated package actually contains its own file system, which abstracts the underlying operating system, storage technology, and the original file system from the AXF object and its valuable payload. It’s like a file system within a file that can be store any type of data on any type of storage media. 

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