It is with great pride we announce that the Archive eXchange Format (AXF) has been ratified by ISO and will officially be published as ISO International Standard ISO/IEC 12034-1 in the coming weeks. This represents a major achievement for this very important standard and for anyone looking to store, protect and preserve valuable digital assets regardless of the storage technology and topology implemented.

As many of you know, this represents the culmination of a decade long commitment to seeing AXF through from its invention, release and market acceptance, SMPTE standardization and finally to its ratification as an ISO international standard. We firmly believe this will help broaden the reach of this important standard outside of the hundreds of petabytes of the worlds most important rich media assets it is currently protecting and preserving today. 

Thanks to everyone involved over the years in helping make AXF a success and thanks to SMPTE and ISO/IEC for their support and commitment to bringing this important standard to the masses!