AXF Introduction Video

What is AXF?

AXF is an open-standard transport, storage and preservation format that supports interoperability amongst disparate content storage systems and ensures the long–term availability of content no matter how storage or file system technology evolves.  It is an encapsulation format for generic file-based content which allows any size and type of file or file collection to be stored, transported and preserved on any type of operating system, file system, storage media or technology.

AXF provides a physical implementation of an object store and was developed to address the need for a long-term open storage and preservation format and overcome the limitations in legacy container formats such as Tape ARchive (TAR). AXF technology abstracts the underlying file and operating system technology facilitating long-term portability and accessibility to the files contained in the container while adding several Open Archive Information Systems (OAIS) preservation characteristics to provide long-term protection for file-based assets.  AXF defines the specific method for encapsulation of file-based collections and their associated metadata as well as the mechanism for storage on media storage technology (data tape, magnetic disk, optical media, flash media, etc.).  AXF adds self-describing features to both the AXF Objects as well as the media on which they are stored, allowing independence from the systems which originally created them.  AXF provides a universal and open file-system view of all stored objects, files and metadata allowing exchange with any applications which also understand the format. 

Who are we?

The OpenAXF community is a central gathering point where interested technical and non–technical people with interest in long term storage, archive and preservation advancement can gather to keep abreast of developments in the area of the Archive eXchange Format (AXF) standard. With applications including data storage, transmission, archive and preservation, AXF has a wide reaching appeal to many people with varied backgrounds including end–users, preservation organizations and manufacturers.

Our goal is to continue to advocate and educate around AXF and evolve into an open community forum around the AXF open-standard. For more information please contact us at

Our goals

  • Liaise with various end-user groups and manufacturers to assist in the development and advancement of AXF
  • Learn about how people are using AXF and track new use-cases and implementations
  • Actively work with various industry standards bodies on continued evangelization of AXF
  • Promote the adoption and utilization of AXF in various sectors including Media and Entertainment, Enterprise IT, Government, Military and Preservation Organizations
  • Leverage our community to advocate for AXF on a global scale
  • Gather advanced technical requirements and assist in the roadmap definition for AXF and its evolution over time
  • Act as a central portal for users, manufacturers and innovators to remain up–to–date on everything AXF